About UWS – Who We Are

The Uganda Wildlife Society

The Uganda Wildlife Society is a not for profit membership based nongovernmental organization registered in Uganda in August, 1998 after several years of operating as the East African Wild Life Society, Uganda Chapter Established in the 1951.


Wildlife and People living in Harmony. The UWS members aspire to contributing towards a harmonious co-existence between wildlife and people in Uganda and beyond.


To promote the conservation of wildlife and environment through advocacy, knowledge generation and field demonstrations. The missions underpin UWS existence as an advocate and facilitator of conservation, focusing on wildlife and environment.


Sustainable utilization of wildlife and other natural resources. The longer term objective for all programme and activities of UWS is sustainable use of resources, a driving force behind most challenges facing conservation.


  1. To influence policy formulation for environmental management through providing forums for addressing, advocating and debating conservation issues.
  2. To generate knowledge on wildlife and natural resources and to provide informed non-biased environment information to the government; private sector and other civil society organizations.
  3. To promote the understanding of linkage of livelihoods and sustainable use of wildlife and natural resources through raising awareness about the environment among the people of Uganda.
  4. To build the Capacity, Visibility and Impact of UWS as a leading Conservation Nongovernmental Organization in Uganda

Core Business

  • Carrying out advocacy and lobbying for harmonious co-existence Wildlife and environment.
  • Generating and disseminating knowledge and information about wildlife and environment sub sectors.
  • Field demonstration projects on wildlife conservation and or environmental management.
  • Managing the UWS (Secretariat affairs and membership).
  • Mobilizing resources for and recruiting members who support the works of UWS.

Core Values

  • UWS Staff and members Commitment to conservation.
  • UWS Staff and members commitment to collective action, responsibilities and abidance by decision taken in the interest of or for the organization achievement of its goals.
  • UWS staff and members hospitable to people, honest, accountable, truthful and morally upright.
  • Competent, qualified and professional staff willing to go an extra mile to see to it their work add value to and contribute to the UWS Organization goals.