UWS – Annual General Meetings

Annual general meetings of members is held once a year and it brings together all the members of the society who in the meeting are deliberate on matters of the society and especially endorsing the society policies and strategic activities recommended to them by the executive committee. The Annual general meeting of members  also charged  with electing  the nine member executive committee who are then mandated to make strategic policies and oversees implementation of the policies by the secretariat.

  1. Draft Minutes of the UWS 13TH-2013 Annual General meeting February 22 2013  - Download here
  2. Minutes of the UWS 12th-2012 Annual general meeting for March 15 2012 to AGM 2013 - Download here
  3. Draft of the UWS Annual General meetings on Monday 28, April 2014 at Hotel Africana Starting at 1:00 PM – Download here