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Dear Members,

I am happy to share with you Nature Watch, the Uganda Wildlife Society Annual Magazine dedicated to bring into perspective, crosscutting contemporary conservation issues around the country and the globe, our species specific focus, the members voice on conservation and, UWS this Year.In this 2015 Issue you will also find a summary of UWS membership categories and applicable annual subscription fees and membership application form for your consideration.
I am also happy to inform you that our members are free to advertise their products and services in this Magazine, please contact us if you wish to do so in our next—2016 Issue that will come out early in 2017. Nature Watch is written by Uganda Wildlife Society (UWS) members and edited by staff to fit within our mandate of promoting the conservation of wildlife and environment in Uganda through research, policy,advocacy and, community projects demonstrating linkage between wildlife conservation and peoples’ livelihoods.
In this 2015 Issue, our focus is pegged on crosscutting conservation Issue emanating from climate change,putting in perspective, 25 years of Uganda’s Forests, by our member, Mr. Rogers Bwengye Muyambi., a climate change and environment specialist. We recognize that climate change is one of the most critical factors that will determine developments local and global by affecting production systems. In line with this, are preventative of the UWS Corporate member, the AghaKhan High School gives his interesting perspective on way forward in conserving Uganda’s Environment.
Our species specific focus in this Issue is on the East African Grey Crowned Crane (Balearica regulorum gibbericeps), Uganda’s National bird, also UWS logo. This monogamous oouuw‖ or ―ya-oougoo-lung bird is our focus because of its IUCN Red list status (endangered) and considering the precarious state of our wetlands where they breed. We want to raise awareness and interest of the general public towards conservation of our graceful beautiful bird.In this Issue members we also give you the membership application form for you to consider joining the Society, to support its conservation efforts around the country.

Finally we call on you to give us feedback on this Issue and provide articles for our next, the 2016 Issue to come out in 2017. The Society looks forward to your support through your membership contributions and other ways.To join membership contacts us through; and or Tel: +256414530891.

Also access more about us at or come visit us at our secretariat located on:
Plot 39 Babiiha Avenue, Kololo, Kampala or write to us and post to P.O.Box 7422, Kampala, Uganda.

Here also refer to the membership categories available provided in page 6 of this Issue.We look forward to hearing from you, wish you a good read , Happy New Year.
BSc. MSc. PhD Forestry,

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