The UWS staff

Priscilla Nyadoi

ANNE Ainembabazi Anne Brighet

Position: Head of Department Finance, Administration and Human Resource.

BA (Management) Makerere University, MBA (Finance) Uganda Martyrs University.


She is in charge of the human resources, developing Human Resource Capacity building strategies long and short-term, employee welfare services such as health and wellbeing programs and social activities, participate in the Society strategic planning and fund raising activities.

She also supervises:

The Society finance and production/procurement units, ensuring that proper and up to date books and systems of accounts and financial reporting are maintained.

Operations and activities of finance, production/procurement unit and especially ensure the units implement agreed upon internal and external income generating/fundraising strategies.

Also supervises and especially ensures that the Society and Staff adhere to statutory financial obligations as required by the laws of Uganda.

Verifies all Society procurement and payments, including requisition forms and funds expenditure-accountability from all the Society departments before approval by Executive Secretary and Authorization by the society Treasurer and or Chairperson and supervises and especially ensures proper records and maintenance of the Society Assets.

She has to also participate in the development of fundraising strategies for the Society from all the departments and offer advice.

She is also in charge of the Society Membership Recruitment and Servicing and the Society Finance Management including preparing monthly work plans and reports for his/her department and present it for approval by the Executive Secretary and for UWS Today Newsletter.

Her past experience includes:

Between August 2009 to August 2011 – Banking Officer with Stanbic Bank Uganda

Between Jan 2006- Aug 2009 – Administrator SIPI Law Associates

Christine Nabanakulya Christine


Bsc.(Accounting & Finance) – Kyambogo University


She is in charge of the all the day to day accounting work of the society, these include:

Maintaining an adequate accounting system with proper cash flow forecasts and monitoring the annual cash flow, proper and up to date books of accounts, costing activities and work plans and preparing budgets, preparing monthly, quarterly and annual financial statements and management reports according to agreed formats, preparing monthly bank reconciliation statements, balance sheets and final accounts, preparing draft accounts for audit and implementation of recommendations made by auditors and ensuring statutory financial obligations are adhered to and implemented as required by law.

Between 2010 to 2012, She worked with 710 Accountants (Audit Firm) as the Accounts and Administrative Assistant

Between 2009-2010, she worked with Power Masters Point as an Accounts Assistant.

Sharon Nabasa Sharon

Position: Production Officer.

BA (Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management)


She is responsible for the production unit which includes a fully equipped printery where she is in charge of Newsletter publications, Membership cards, books, policy briefs and Video documentaries and events management unit.

She is also in charge of procurement and keeping records of materials for production works of the society.

Developing a strategy for and taking charge of the day to day records and safety of the society Production unit equipments, monthly and quarterly reporting on progress in the running of the production unit to the head of department Finance, Administration and Human Resource.

Her past experience includes:

Between February 2012 to March 2013-International Trade Center (ITC)as a financial consultant under the Netherland Trust Fund II (NTF II) Program.

Between May 30th to August 24th- T.A& S Coca-Cola Agentsas a Field supervisor.

Between 2008 to 2010- KYDEVASavings and Credit Cooperative (SACCO) as a Cashier.


Bsc.(Conservation Biology)

Position: Research and Conservation Officer

Email: r&

She is in charge of implementation of research and conservation activities of all the society running projects under the research and development department. Including supervision of the society field staff who are implementing activities feeding into the research and conservation components, preparing monthly work plans and reports on research and conservation on-going activities, developing strategy for and taking charge of the day to day research and conservation activities of the society.

She has been working for UWS as a Project field Assistant Ecosystem Alliance Project since April 2012- April 2013 and contributed to several publications before her new role as Research and Conservation Officer.

Her past experience outside UWS includes UWEC as a volunteer Animal keeper at Uganda Wildlife Education Centre between June 2011- April 2012, where her roles included; Daily animal care giver and giving guided tours to visitors.


Priscilla Nyadoi., Ambrose Mugisha., Moses Murungi., Suzan Owino., Joseph Odong.,

Teddy Namirimu., Gilbert Wathum., James Lutalo., Chris Bakuneeta and Joel Buyinza, 2012. Unlocking local community potentials for sustainable natural resource management in Uganda’s Albertine-oil region, Buliisa in Perspective. Uganda Wildlife Society.

Joel Buyinza, Teddy Namirimu and Priscilla Nyadoi, 2012. Empowering Communities in Buliisa for Sustainable Natural Resource Use and Management; Practical Interventions Extension Manual. Uganda Wildlife Society.

vacant Position: Policy and Advocacy

E-Mail: p&

This position is vacant at the moment.

LOUIS Kyalingoza Louis

Position: Field Assistant

Dip(Agro-Forestry), Cert(Organic Farming) Nyabyeya Forestry College

E-Mail: r&

He is responsible for field extension visits and helping communities to adopt technologies being promoted under the Society Research, Conservation, Advocacy and Development Programmes.(Tree planting, nursery establishment and management, pasture and livestock management, appropriate fishing methods and gears and wildlife resource harvesting). He is also responsible for day to day management of the Society technology demonstration sites and technologies demonstrated in those sites, including tree nurseries.

The Field Assistant is also responsible for translating extension materials under the Society Project Interventions for Community Development and Conservation purposes, prepare detailed technical and other progress reports on the Society field activities done and submit the same for incorporation by the Research and Conservation Officer, the Development and Social works Officer, the Advocacy Officer and for incorporation into the department report by the Head of Department before submission for approval and reporting by the Executive Secretary and other duties.

KENNETH Kazarwa Bernard

Position: Transport Officer

Driving License, Cert (Ordinary Level) Kitante High School.


He is responsible for all the transportation facilities, vehicle(s) maintenance and standards and adherence to all safety precautions for vehicles and personnel.

Preparation of detailed technical and other progress reports on the society transport activities done and submits the same for incorporation by all the officers and for incorporation into the entire department’s report by the head of departments before submission for approval and reporting to the Executive Secretary and other duties.

Other experience:

Between 1994-1998- Legal Aid as a Driver

TEDDY NYANGOMA Position: Environment and Cleanliness


The Officer is responsible for ensuring general maintenance and cleanliness of UWS offices, performs general duties of an office messenger, ensure Society assets, Equipment, files are kept in their rightful places and report monthly to the E.S and for UWS Today E-News letter on matters of hygiene, safety of assets and other duties.


Adikini  Fiona Adikini Fiona

Position: Volunteer

BA (Social Development) Makerere University.


Ogola  Laster Stonney Ogola Laster Stonney

Bsc (Conservation Biology) Makerere University

Position: Membership and publicity Officer


He is responsible for preparing work plans for membership unit and presenting it for the inputs and incorporation by the Head of Department Finance, Administration and Human Resources before submission for approval by the Executive Secretary.

Mr.Ogola is also responsible for recruiting new members to the society following a strategy agreed upon by the Head of Department FAH and the ES. In addition, he is also to ensure old members renew their membership and update and maintain databases and report on membership activities, implement agreed upon membership servicing strategies and activities (Nature walks, UWS Today E-Newsletter distribution and others) and also develop proposals and products for members’ benefits and participate in fundraising activities


Mutekanga  Javis Mutekanga Javis

Position: Intern

Pursuing BA (Population Studies), Makerere University.


Nabukenya  Shakirah Nabukenya Shakirah

Position: Intern

Pursuing BA (Tourism) Makerere University


Siira  Paul Siira Paul

Position: Intern

Pursuing Dip(Environmental Management), Kampala International University


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ESKA Investments – Corporate Promotion Materials

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