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Creating pro-poor and pro-environment provisions for the oil and gas policy in Uganda.

Uganda developed a National Oil and Gas Policy in 2007 to guide the development of the oil and gas sector, drafting of a bill, and establishment of an institutional authority to manage the sector. With support from Irish Aid through the World Resources Institute (WRI), the Uganda Wildlife Society has extended its research and advocacy efforts on oil and gas development in Uganda by focusing on the following two areas:

  • Fair and equitable distribution of oil and gas revenue by developing a specific revenue sharing formula that considers central government, local government and community interests.
  • UWS will build on previous research it conducted in collaboration with WRI on natural resources revenue sharing and derivation funds in Uganda. Specifically,
  • UWS will recommend a derivation formula for the oil and gas fund that is proposed in the national policy.
  • Maintaining the conservation value and tourism potential of protected areas in oil and gas production areas.

UWS will suggest various ways in which the conservation and tourism value of protected areas in the Albertine Graben can be maintained, and possibly enhanced, during the process of oil and gas production. Alternatives such as no-net-biodiversity-loss, preservation zones, land swaps, wildlife corridors, wildlife restocking, and community participation will be considered.

Transboundary natural resources management in the river Semliki basin.

The general objective of this study is to carry out a comprehensive study of the dynamics of trans-boundary natural resource management, with specific focus on conflicts generation and conflict resolution in the River Semliki basin.  This is geared towards generating well-researched evidence to aid an informed entry point for intervention but also for use in advocating for increased mainstreaming of the environment and natural resource management and advocacy for adequate resource allocation to counter the day –to- day challenges involved in natural resource Management. The study will document evidence and compare Transboundary resource management in the Semliki river basin between Uganda and DRC. This study was commissioned by the Uganda Nile Discourse Forum (UNDF)

Uganda Nile Discourse Forum

UWS has been the country coordinating institution (CCI) for UNDF since March 2003. As CCI, UWS has been responsible for hosting UNDF secretariat, monitoring and supervising the implementation of UNDF – DFID funded project on civil society engagement in the development processes in the Nile Basin. UWS has also been doing the financial management of the project, building capacity of UNDF secretariat among other things. UNDF is now a fully fledged institution, registered with the NGO Board. For more about the activities of UNDF, visit

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