Our Partners & Collaborators

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In pursuit of our objectives, UWS closely works with partners and stakeholders, some of whom include the following:

  • Ministry of Water and Environment
  • Ministry of Tourism ,Wildlife and Antiquities
  • Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development
  • ENR-CSO Network
  • Wetland Management Department
  • Uganda Wildlife Authority
  • National Forest Authority
  • National Environment Management Authority
  • East African Wild Life Society
  • Lawyers’ Environment Action Team
  • Nature Uganda
  • British Trust of Ornithology
  • Makerere University Institute of Environment and Natural Resources
  • Environment Alert
  • Uganda Functional Literacy Resource Centre
  • World Resources Institute
  • CARE International in Uganda
  • Uganda Nile Discourse Forum
  • NAPE


UWS’s programmes and activities are implemented with generous support from the following organizations:

  • Ecosystems Alliance (IUCN-NL, BothEnds,Wetlands International)
  • EGP/IUCN Netherlands
  • IUCN – World Conservation Union
  • Darwin Initiative
  • Ford Foundation
  • United Nations Development Program (UNDP)
  • GEF
  • Government of Uganda
  • Danish International Development Agency (DANIDA)
  • United States Agency for International Development (USAID)
  • United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO)
  • UNEP Grid-Arendal
  • UNEP
  • Irish Aid


Darwin Initiative

Ford Foundation

United National Development

Programme -Small Grants Programme

Danish International Development

Agency (DANIDA)

United States Agency for International

Development (USAID)

United Nations Food and Agricultural

Organization (FAO)


UNEP Grid-Arendal


Irish Aid