Our Members

It’s gratifying knowing as a member that you are contributing to conserving wildlife and the environment for future generations

The most important component of UWS is its membership family. Membership of the Society is open to all persons who support the mission and objectives of the Society. The Society’s membership family is comprised of individuals and organizations, proud to give something back to the environment.

Membership of the society is open to all persons who support the object of the society and are of the age of 18 and above;

The membership categories of the Society consist of;

  • Ordinary members
  • Corporate members
  • Student members
  • Associate members
  • Honorary members
  • Lifetime members

Individual: This category admits adult members of the public who are interested in conservation and is sub-divided into categories of individual ordinary and individual donor.

Corporate: This category admits organizations that choose to play a part in conservation, and are sub-divided into corporate ordinary and corporate donor.

  • Environmental Advisors ltd .uk
  • World wide fund for nature
  • Care international
  • Uganda wildlife Authority
  • Chimpanzee and wildlife conservation sanctuary
  • G& C Tours
  • Kakira sugar works
  • Hon Maria L. Mutagamba

Student: This category admits students of especially higher institutions of learning who are interested in wildlife and environment conservation.

Individual Ordinary 20,000 $20,   £11,  €14 $70,   £37,   €50
Individual Member 150,000 $100, £53,  €71 $150, £80,   €106
Associate Members 200,000 $150, £80,  €106 $200, £106, €142
Corporate Member 500,000 $350, £186, €248 $400, £212, €284
Honorary Member Board Decides —— —–
Lifetime Member 2,000,000 $800, £500, €560 $800, £500, €560
Student 5000 N/A N/A


  1. A membership card.
  2. A UWS sticker.
  3. Free UWS publications (Individual Donor and Corporate Donor categories only)
  4. Free access to the UWS Library; Members are also entitled to use the Society’s library. There are reference books and videos available for hire from the library.
  5. A quarterly newsletter; the society has a monthly newsletter, sent out on email, to keep you informed about conservation issues.
  6. Personal invitations to regular UWS public debates and discussions;UWS holds monthly talks on the first Thursday of every month. These talks are a focus on topical environment issues and noteworthy speakers in conservation are invited to lead such discussions. Currently the talks are held at the Uganda Museum and Makerere University Department of Food Science and Technology Conference Hall. The purpose of the talks is to openly discuss issues affecting conservation in Uganda and involve members in these discussions. They are open to all.
  7. Free invitations to UWS high-level policy dialogues and breakfast meetings with Members of Parliament (Individual Donor and Corporate Donor categories only).
  8. Invitation to field excursions
  9. The satisfaction that they are contributing to wildlife and environment conservation.
  10. Information on up coming events,
    Posting on Organisation / institutional log to our website,
    Free educational materials like charts, posters
  11. FREE entry to Uganda national parks in UWS organised conservation events.
  12. Priority for consultancy service provision to the society based on competitive bidding.
  13. Eligibility to purchase UWS assets being disposed.
  14. Eligibility to elections for Uganda Wildlife Society executive committee.
  15. Eligibility to use the UWS resource center and internet.
  16. Participation in our community based projects. And much more


To view the list of our current members please download a copy of the list HERE

Some of our corporate members include

Destination Jungle Uganda

Destination Jungle Uganda:
Costantino Tessarin

TEL: +256 (0) 414 232754
MOBILE:+256 712 385446


The FRONASA VETERANS ASSOCIATION (FVA (U) is both a Nongovernmental Organization and SACCO that was formed by Mr. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni to fight the government of former President Idi Amin Dada in 1978 – 1980 war of liberation. A membership based organisation with about 350 active core members composed of ex-combatants, activists, enthusiasts and civilian supporters of FRONASA (Front for National Salvation). The organisation mission is advocacy and integrating FRONASA veterans into the economic mainstream of Uganda. The vision is to help FRONASA Veterans/civilian supporters/activists, their families and survivors to improve their health and economic well-being through quality benefits, information, advocacy, skills training and a package of long-term social services and other incentives. Its tactical headquarters and operational offices are at Boma grounds in Mbarara Municipality. The coordinating and networking office is in Makindye OWC, Kampala.

P.O. Box 73544, Kampala – Uganda

Tel. 0414 695909/+256702941075

Email: arusa09@yahoo.com/fronasa1979@outlook.com


Simba Cars for hire,


Uganda car rental services

website: http://www.carhirekampala.com

View the gorilla site

African Secrets Limited:
Adrian Ssali
E-mail: adrian@africansecrets.ltd.ug
Website: www.africansecrets.ltd.ug

TEL: +256 (0) 312280833
MOBILE:+256 758582097


  • Maria Mutagamba
  • Foresco Uganda


NOTE: To become an exclusive member of UWS please send us some feedback

How to become a member or update your membership

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