Conservation Part 2

Between February 2013 and April 2013, UWS supplied standard fishing gears to the fisher folk in 9 beach management units (BMUs) in Buliisa.The fisher folk and BMUs in turn signed an MOU to adhere to appropriate fishing practices and restore the fish breeding sites in the Lake Albert.

More on technology, to date, UWS has established six tree nurseries and in these, over 27,000 seedlings of five species are being raised. In collaboration with Buliisa District Local Government, UWS has planted trees in five hectares of privately owned land. The target for tree planting by end of this year is 750 hectares of privately owned land and by 830 households.

Policy influence, Advocacy and Networking at UWS

This year, the Society has so far conducted two public policy dialogues, one of these in collaboration with Environmental Alert and the Makerere University School of Forestry. On the 22nd of February 2013, UWS convened a Public Policy Dialogue at Hotel Africana. Dr. John Makombo, the Director of Conservation at Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) was the key speaker.

The day’s theme was How Best Can Uganda’s Wildlife and, Communities Adjacent to Protected Areas Co-Exist in Harmony? Dr.Makombo gave an over view of protected areas /wildlife in Uganda, their contribution to economy and livelihoods, conservation challenges including human-wildlife conflicts and strategies UWA is using to address these and, partnerships involved.

Dr. Makombo’s presentation was followed by that of UWS given by Joel Buyinza, highlighting  UWS research findings, experiences and park adjacent communities consultation. Joel mentioned that simple actions like allowing communities access resources like grass, firewood, poles, papyrus, fish and to plant trees and keep bees in the protected area buffer zones (Murchison Falls National Park, Budongo Forest and Bugungu Wildlife Reserves) will go long way into providing incentives to elicit their support and participate in protected areas conservation. The Society has submitted to UWA and is following up on the signing and operationalisation of the above resources access MOUs Buliisa communities developed.