Wildlife Law Enforcement Briefing – The Eagle Network

27 significant traffickers were arrested in 6 countries this month.

On 21st August the former wildlife head and the CITES authority of Guinea – Ansoumane Doumbouya – was arrested by the Interpol NCB, with the assistance of GALF – EAGLE, following an investigation against a wildlife ring involved in large scale wildlife trafficking and corruption. Only three days after the arrest, his brief case was finally opened in front of the prosecutor. The former director held his head as several of empty government export permits were pulled out of his bag. It seems the top public official was a mobile one-stop-shop for all the traffickers’ needs. From manatees to parrots and monkeys, illegal trade was carried out of the briefcase. Different reports, including one from the UN CITES secretariat, implicated Ansoumane Doumbouya in illegal exports, but he was still holding a position within the Ministry of Environment as Commander of the national wildlife and forestry mobile enforcement brigade.

Thierno Barry, a big international trafficker involved in the illegal trade in CITES species such as chimpanzees, manatees and other primates, was arres- The former head of the CITES authority of Guinea – Ansoumane Doumbouya – was arrested. The EAGLE NETWORK – LAGA, PALF, RALF, AALF, GALF, TALF, SALF, AALF-B, EAGLE Uganda Cameroon, Congo, Gabon, Guinea, C.A.R, Togo, Senegal, Benin, Uganda August 2015 | 2 Cameroon – LAGA „ 2 significant wildlife traffickers arrested in the East Region with 2 chimp skulls, 2 gorilla skulls, elephant and red river hog teeth. The two are experienced wildlife traffickers who have been supplying contraband, especially ivory and giant pangolin scales to many other traffickers including Chinese. They demonstrated a range of skills reserved for seasoned traffickers with good organizational and planning skills and tricks. Early in the morning of their arrest, they visited the area reserved for their transaction, made an expert examination of the surroundings, checking escape routes and then left. They later came without the contraband and then did a last round of inspection and left. On coming back for their final move, this time with the contraband, they used an entirely different road and strategically placed an undercover to backup their moves. „ A wildlife trafficker arrested with giant pangolin scales during a successful operation carried out in the country’s capital. Having the scales carefully packaged in a bag, he travelled from the East of the country to Yaounde where he tried to sell them in a popular neighbourhood. This is not his first attempt at selling the scales, as his network of buyers was wide and he travelled frequently over 300 km to Yaounde to supply pangolins scales. In the eastern part of the country the sale of pangolin scales has developed rapidly over the years and it is a thriving illegal business in logging towns „ Three LAGA members on missions in other countries under the EAGLE Exchange program. LAGA’s head of investigations department travelled to Guinea for wildlife law enforcement operational support while an investigator travelled to support Togo and the assistant head of the media and external relations department travelled to Gabon for experience and skill sharing between the two countries. „ A sea turtle shell trafficker handed a significant 2-year jail term by a court in Buea, the South West. Arrested in April 2015 with 9 sea turtle shells, he was ordered to pay damages worth over 10,000 USD to the government. ted during a preceding operation while attempting to sell Spot-nosed Monkeys and he equally had a fake CITES permit. He exposed a larger international live animals trafficking network spread over 3 continents.9 traffickers were arrested in Togo, among them 4 significant international ivory traffickers with 8 elephant tusks in the first joint operation by the Gendarmerie Search and Investigation Brigade (SRI) and TALFF. They were regularly trafficking ivory from Burkina Faso. 7 traffickers were arrested during several operations in Uganda, with leopard skins, cheetah skin, python skins and other contraband. 3 long term leopard skin traffickers were arrested in Gabon, and 3 traffickers with chimpanzee and gorilla skulls elephant parts and pangolin scales in Cameroon. They are experienced wildlife traffickers who have been supplying contraband, especially ivory and giant pangolin scales including to Chinese.

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