Imagine a world; so full of life, peaceful like the misty mornings….

Imagine a life; humble yet so fulfilled

Imagine a place; serene, calm and welcoming…..

Imagine a society; diverse in all possible ways yet living harmoniously

Where people love people and people love wildlife…

Where trees sway with the wind…not flowing away in ashes

Where families of primates use peoples compounds as play area…

Where the Bantu don’t detest elephants….

Where the lions are the pride of mankind….

This is a world we want to build….

This is the life we desire….

This is the ideal form of humanity……

We at Uganda Wildlife Society have a vision….

A conserved Uganda;

An improved and recovering environment….

A peaceful place, for humans and wildlife….

Because our vow is; Advocacy, Conservation and Environment!


NABUKENYA SHAKIRAH K pursuing BA (Tourism)