A butterfly lives for only a few days, utmost a month for a big butterfly unless it is a monarch which lives for an average of nine months; still a short life span compared to us. A butterfly will still live joyfully capturing many tourists despite its short life span. This got me thinking about each moment in our long life; our life span is longer than a butterfly’s but how we trivialize it.

We pass through life without a spark in our eyes, without a mark on this world, and once we are gone, we are forgotten as fast we lived and left. Life is precious and we should give ourselves a chance to shine. We should not let stress affect our beauty too since we live longer than a butterfly, we should have more impact on our planet, leave a legacy that will span for generations to come.

Thanks to the efforts of Conservation NGOs like UWS (Uganda Wildlife Society), Nature Uganda, CSWCT (Chimpanzee Sanctuary and Wildlife Conservation Trust and UWA (Uganda Wildlife Authority, there is hope for later, however, let us all rise together, we can achieve more, let the burden for conserving the planet not be left to a few organizations or people let us all get involved. Together we can.

Written by Sande Didas, a student at Makerere University, BSC (Conservation Biology) and an Intern and member at UWS, edits by Aine Anne UWS.