Advocacy and networking

World Wide Fund for Nature Uganda 2011 Public Talk Series :-
This document contains a background to the UWS-WWF Uganda Public Talk and reports on the first three public talk events for (August, September, October) 2011 and, work plan, budget and requisition for the next planned three talk events (November, December 2011 and January, 2012). Detailed Financial accountability report covering the talk events will be submitted separately by the UWS finance Officer.

The Nakasongola Climate Change Pilot Project 2011-2012 :  This report gives summaries on activity plans and actual progress made towards the Nakasongola Climate Change Pilot Project quarter 1 and 2 activities. A background to the project, the work planed, actual activities done for the covered quarters and pending activities for quarter 3 are given. Details on work plan and requisition for the quarter 3 activities is included. The financial accountability report for the accomplished quarter 1 and 2 activities will be provided separately.

A Presentation to Stakeholders During the Launch of the Pilot Project On Climate Change In the District  3RD OCTOBER, 2011 : Download It Here

Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation : -
Paper presented by Alweny Salome and Nimpamya Enock B.K on 3rd October, 2011 at the 1st workshop of the Nakasongola District Climate Change Pilot Project in the District Production Hall.

Global Warming and Sexualplant Reproduction : -
Global warming ; The consequences in climate and species ecologies; Whole plant response to temperature stress modeled from simultaneous experiments in several development phases of few economic annual plants etc.

Climate Change in Uganda: Nakasongola Districts Communities and  Institutions in Perspective :- Download here

Presentation for CC project stakeholders’ meeting – Achilles Kiwanuka 2011  : Download click here

The Impacts of Oil and Gas Development on the Sustainability of Trans-Boundary Natural Resources :-
Uganda Wildlife Society (UWS) in conjunction and with support from WWF organised a Public talk with a theme The Impacts of Oil and Gas Development on the Sustainability of Trans-Boundary Natural Resources on 31st March 2011. It was held at Uganda Museum. It was attended by MPs, commissioners, CSO representatives, stakeholders, students from different universities and the public at large. There were three presenters namely Mrs. Sarah Prinsloo from Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), Mr. Philip Boozonet from Tullow Uganda and Dr. Festus K. Bagoora from NEMA. The presenters were each allocated 30 minutes for presentation and, the Dr. Chris Bakuneta was the chairman.